7 Plants That Thrive In The Shade

Ever heard the expression “Made in the shade”? Did you know that there are actually quite a few plants that can even thrive in shady circumstances? It’s true. Just because you don’t have a lot of sunlight to work with, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck to have a garden. There are a number of lovely perennials that can do very well, even thrive, if they have to be placed in the shade. The only real challenge on your end is to find plants that thrive in the shade which you will also love to have on your property.

Lending some visual charm to the shady parts of your yard is not impossible by any means. Whether you want to add just one or two plants, or create an entire garden that only needs a minimal amount of sunlight to be happy, we have some options that you are going to love.

The Best Plants For Shady Yards

There is a much greater variety among plants that can grow in the shade than you might think. We can’t cover all of them here, but we can show seven examples that nicely highlight what we are talking about.

  1. Coral Bells: Also known as heucheras, this plant offers a number of different possible leaf colors, from silver to a rather distinctive orange. The foliage you can find with this plant makes it one of our favorites for shade-friendly plants.

  1. Impatiens: Looking for a brilliant floral display to bring your shady spots to life? Impatiens have made it possible for people to do exactly that for years. Certain versions of this plant are susceptible to a disease that comes in the form of a very destructive, powdery mildew. Thankfully, there are hybrids available which can stand up to this possibility.

  1. Begonias: The durability of begonias is one of our favorite things about them. You’re also going to like the dazzling range of shades that you can create. Red, salmon, and even orange begonias can absolutely transform your garden or other outdoor space.

  1. Dead Nettle: The low height of this plant makes it a nice addition to any shady area. It offers a silver foliage that really appeals to us. We also love the presence of the white, pink, red, and purple blooms that appear during its peak period.

  1. Oakleaf Hydrangea: This is a wonderful plant to add to any garden. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy it from summer to fall. This shrub can give the shady portions of your garden some of the most beautiful examples of color to be found anywhere. Remember that you don’t always direct sunlight to bring a touch of color to your area!

  1. Ferns: There is something about ferns that make us think they might be too delicate for your garden, particularly in the shady spots. However, ferns are a good deal tougher than many of us realize. You can see examples of this in the fact that ferns can work well in a wide variety of different places. You can find them at different times of the year, as well. There are tons of appealing shapes and sizes to enjoy with ferns. Many variations absolutely love to do their growing in the shade.

  1. Primrose: Believe it or not, but there are 425 different species of this plant, which are also known as primula plants. White, pink, and deep shades of red are some of the colors that can give you years of enjoyment.



You don’t have to leave the shady areas in your backyard empty. These plants, as well as several others, can make for a beautiful space.

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