How to Sprout Seeds

Sprouting seeds is an inexpensive and enjoyable way to add nutrition to your meals.  The process of sprouting turns the seeds into vegetables and pack them with enhanced nutrition. As the nutrients increase, the toxins and enzyme inhibitors likewise decrease. Provide the seeds with the proper atmosphere, moisture, and air and your seeds become transformed! On the third day of sprouting, most seeds will be ready for consumption.

Recommended Grains for Sprouting

Alfalfa, garbanzo beans, lentils, mung beans, peas, pinto beans, red beans, rye, soybeans, wheat, and white beans are among the grains that sprout well. Those that can sprout in two days are the rye, wheat, rice, and oats. The alfalfa, lentils, clover, mung beans, and garbanzo beans take about three to five days. Actually, you can sprout most any seeds. You must be aware, however, whether your chosen plants have any poisonous parts. Do not use their seeds for sprouting. Navy bean sprouts, pinto bean sprouts, and soybean sprouts need to be cooked.

Tray Method of Sprouting Seeds

Soak seeds in water for 12 hours. The temperature of the soaking and rinsing water should be between 50ºF – 80ºF degrees, depending on the warmth or coolness of the room where you are doing the soaking. and rinsing. After soaking, place the seeds in a suitable tray and rinse very well. Since the seeds need to be moist but not wet, drain the seeds well by tilting the tray out of water. Rinse well the sprouts in water three times each day, four if you are experiencing hot weather or are having a dry spell. You can fill your sink with water and lower the tray and rinse the sprouts. Clean the sink first. You can also simply hold the tray under running water. Watch the temperature of that water!

Bottle Method of Sprouting Seeds

Place just enough seeds in a wide-mouth bottle so that they are completely saturated in water. Soak for 12 hours. After the soaking time, place a piece of netting over the bottle’s mouth and secure it with an elastic band. Pour off the water and shake the bottle gently. Find a dark place to situate the bottle, laying it on its side. Do not use a closed cabinet when growing sprouts as they need air to breathe. Rinse the seeds well three or four times each day. Most sprouting seeds will be ready for your pleasure in two to three days.

Colander Method of Sprouting Seeds

Place your seeds in a large bowl. Cover with water and soak up to 12 hours. Drain in the clean colander you specifically reserved for sprouting seeds. Rinse the seeds very well. The water should run clear. Drain. Place an absorbent towel under the colander. Rinse the seeds well. Repeat the process three to four times. Gently shake the colander when rinsing to ensure that all the seeds are getting wet. When the seeds start to sprout, rinse one more time. Leave for another 12 hours to drain thoroughly. Keep in a clean jar or other container and place in the fridge.

How to Sprout Seeds - Easy Balcony Gardening

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